Pre-Construction Services    Carefree Hospitality provides strategic guidance during all initial phases of development. Often it begins with creating a business plan, a road map that includes a market analysis, rate strategy, amenity base and structure, and design recommendations, as well as the creation of points of distinction that will appeal to the targeted market.

In addition, Carefree Hospitality provides land planning and architecture oversight; construction and operating estimates; assistance in selection of design professionals, including engineers, land planners, architects, and interior designers; and assistance obtaining construction approvals and permits.

Construction/Development Services    We provide assistance in design and plan development; bid specifications and bid document and contract preparation; selection of contractors; recruitment of necessary construction managers, as well as construction supervision; design and implementation of the technology infrastructure; supervision of all contractor-related budgets and activities; recruitment and placement of necessary golf course personnel; and the establishment of grassing and grow-in schedules.
Carefree Hospitality